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Skid Crease is Canadian born and bred in the Pearson and Trudeau traditions of a Just Society; husband, father; Kilcoo Camp, York Mills C.I., U of T, & York U alumni; Students on Ice educator/explorer, community vounteer and life-long learner.

He is an internationally respected educator, author, political commentator, newspaper columnist, storyteller, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and chair for global, environmental and outdoor education conferences.

His teaching career includes 20 years of classroom teaching at all levels, 10 years as Program Leader in Outdoor Education, 3 years as a course director in the Faculty of Education at York University, and 3 years as Experiential Education Program Leader for the Toronto Montessori Schools (Caledon-King Campus). He remains an active Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) member.

He continues to act as consultant for numerous organizations on experiential education and environmental issues,  and is frequently featured as an inspirational speaker. He also continues to work regularly with Ontario Nature, Caledon Region Conservation Association, and the Simcoe District School Board.





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