Awards & Testimonials

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In 1990, Skid was selected as one of 25 Canadian educators who traveled to Costa Rica to advise on the design of North-South global education programmes. In 1993, he was honoured with the OSEE Canada Award for “excellence in teaching, active leadership, and scholarly endeavour in the field of environmental education.”

The next year, Annick Press published his first children’s story, In the Great Meadow. He received the Provincial Leadership Award in 1995 from the OTF Global Perspectives Programme. He was honoured in 1991 and 1998 with the North York Board of Education’s Award for “outstanding service in education toward a healthy planet.” In 1999, he was selected to be a member of the Global Climate Change Institute in Aspen, Colorado.

In 2000, Skid was awarded by COEO for his “outstanding contributions in the development and promotion of Outdoor Education programmes in Ontario”. He was selected by SOI in 2005 to be a facilitator on the Polar Bound Arctic Expedition traveling for two weeks by ship from Iceland to Greenland to Nunavut to study climate change.

Since it’s creation in 1988, Skid’s environmental literacy project has inspired hundreds of thousands of citizens across North America. Dr. Milton McClaren, Simon Fraser University, described Skid’s presentations as “one of the most powerful educational change catalysts in Canada.” The following are unsolicited extracts from presentation evaluations:


Halton Board of Education, Ontario
“The most inspiring workshop I have ever been to…”
“Excellence achieved…wonderful message…let’s not lose it…let’s do it now!”
“Outstanding day…made me make personal commitments.”
“In over twenty years with the Board, I’ve never been to such a relevant & meaningful in-service.”


Global, Environmental, and Outdoor Education Council of Alberta
“Inspirational! Every educator in the country should hear this presentation.”
“Wow!!! Deeply touched – moved to action – very passionate presentation.”
“Excellent, inspirational, and energizing! This alone made the conference worthwhile.”
“One of the, if not THE most impactful presentations I have EVER heard.”


Curriculum Association of Nova Scotia
“A direct call to action… the inspiration to begin changes now.”
“Intellectual, emotional, visionary, and practical – he does it all!”
“I cried and laughed and celebrated – this presentation will change people’s lives.”


Ontario Park Association
“This speaker makes lots of sense and his ideas are workable – better than David Suzuki!”
“Incredible session – the best of the entire program.”
“This presentation was the best I’ve heard in the past twenty years.”


Canadian School Boards Association
‘Extraordinary educator – profound passion and inspirational dedication to our planet.”
“Charisma, knowledge, and a zest for life – an exceptional leader.”
“One of the most powerful keynotes I have ever heard – set the tone for our Congress.”


Alberta School Boards Association
“The best part of the program was Skid Crease.”
“Skid’s message is real – we’d better start getting “green” in our curriculum.”
“Skid Crease was absolutely outstanding!”