Earth Day Paradox

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 Happy Earth Day 2012. Just put fifteen new native trees down the side of my house, and reseeded the lawn with heritage grass seeds. Feeling very green. Went to the park across the street that I usually clean up every year with my son.  This year he had a baseball date with his friends.  

When I went to the park, I was surprised to see it was covered in paper flyers – the type that normally get hung on exterior doors by special delivery contracts.  These were for "Weewatch enriched home child care" and were advertising reliable home day care.  I am sure that <> never intended their flyers to end up scattered all over our municipal park – certainly that was the responsibility of the contracted distribution agent.

Still, the idea of a child care organization with their literature littered all over the earth on Earth Day – it just struck me as a paradox – the idea of "enriched home care" while trashing the community playground seemed an unintentional example of everything that is wrong with Earth Day.

We take 1 day to clean up our habits and 364 days to drive our SUVs 5 km to the local supermarket to buy refrigerated foods transported from around the world to our local tables.  Curious and curioser.

Think globally, act locally, care personally.

Happy Earth Day!

Skid Crease, Caledon