Website Officially Opens Earth Day 2012

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 Greeting to all of those who have waited so patiently for this website to become active.  I had to wait for the perfect storm of political stupidity, enviornmental degradation, and personal health to speak to the world once again.  The time is now.

When I launched Global Perspectives: the Periwinkle Project back in 1989, the objective was to challenge educators to create and deliver a relevant curriculum for the 21st century that would empower students to become environmentally literate, globally responsible, actively participating members of society.  That challenge now extends beyond the formal schooling system to all areas and all levels of our society.

Today we begin the battle to take back our country and our planet, and we will do it with respect and wisdom and perseverance.  We will hold "The Art of War" in one hand, and the lyrics to "Where do the Children Play" in the other.  And we will never give up.

As the day goes on, this site will fill with stories, articles, and events postings, so stay tuned and spread the word.

I dedicate this official launch, as I did the original Periwinkle Project,

to my father, who taught me that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance,

and to my children who taught me that you can only share another’s heart through the giving of your own.