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What a difference a parliamentary democracy makes.

Only one week after the debacle that was the federal budget process, the Ontario government tried the same thing, using the same language. "It's all about balancing the budget, growing the economy, and creating jobs." It certainly isn't about environmental security, social justice, or economic equity.

But with the fortunate minority government situation in Ontario, the parties were forced back to the dialogue table for a look at several items that needed adjustment. Thanks to the straightforward presentations made by Andrea Horvath, Dalton and Dwight were placed back in the spotlight, and either had to include provisions negotiated on behalf of hard-working, tax paying Ontarians or face a July election.

There is no doubt that public awareness created by the three day spectacle of MP's in Ottawa voting on a series of ammedments to the federal budget had its impact on Dalton's decision. The public, furious with the arrogance of the majority federal government and their inablity to come to consensus on even one ammendment, were not about to let this happen in Ontario. The Liberals would have faced a bigger minority and possible defeat if they had gone to the polls this summer. So, Dalton took the high road, blamed the NDP and barely Progressive Conservatives for almost derailing the budget, agreed to the ammendments, and put off any conflict until the fall.  That is if the budget passes today.

Three cheers for minority governments. Get ready for 2015 Mr. Harper, your turn is next.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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