Canada’s Official Colours

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I was challenged by an enraged local tory over my last post mocking the Conservative paint job on "Canada's Economic Action Plane";  he declared that there was nothing wrong with "Tory Blue" being added to "Liberal red and white" colours.


Well, au contraire mon ami! It is very wrong simply because the official colours of Canada are only red and white, no blue of any kind – not royal, azure, ocean, or tory. The official colours of red and white were proclaimed by King George V in 1921, red from the French and white from the British in a cultural reference to the crusader's crosses of those European founding countries.

So, if the PM's plane is painted with the official colours of red and white, then it is Canadian; if it is painted with the official colours of the Conservative Party, then it is a flying election bus for Stephen Harper, and someone in the PMO should cut another slush fund cheque to pay back the taxpayers.


Skid Crease, Caledon 

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