David Suzuki – NOT GUILTY Verdict!

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The vote wasn't even close. An overwhelming 1,614 members of the jury found David Suzuki not guilty of "seditious libel for defaming and discrediting Canada" in his battle to protect Earth for current and future generations. A mere 117 disgruntled extreme right-wing Conservatives and extinction economists voted against his carbon manifesto.Suzuki

Laurie Brown's play, The Trial of David Suzuki, was held, significantly, the week before Remembrance Day at the Royal Ontario Museum complete with real environment commissioners, economists, judges and the children who will inherit the earth.

While we drive at full speed into the twenty-first century looking in the rearview mirror, Suzuki is focused clearly on the brick wall ahead of us. He knows full well, as do all of the muzzled government scientists, that our forests were never the creditable carbon sink that the Martin Liberals spun, that our tar sands were hardly the Ethical Oil that the Harper Conservatives spun, and that the impacts of accelerating climate change are very real, as the IPCC has been predicting. The jury got it right for once.

This mock court was only the first in a series, I hope. I can't wait for The Trial of Stephen Harper.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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