Rob and Conrad VS Carol and Daniel

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conrad and robIn this corner, we have the unusual tag team of one yet-to-be convicted and one convicted felon; in the other corner, we have an award winning broadcaster and an award winning journalist*.

The alleged and paroled felons (APFs) seem to possess an arrogance, sense of entitlement, and lack of awareness that is as colossal as their ignorance and ego, in that order; the awarded broadcaster and journalist (ABJs) possess an enerring sense of truth, justice, and the Canadian way.Carol OffDaniel

The APFs are rich, one being much richer and, by his own estimation, much smarter than the other; the ABJs are rich in character and constantly seeking knowledge.

The APFs appear to feel that laws do not apply to them, that everyone is picking on them, and that even after they're caught on video, whether smoking crack, or emptying out their office files, they're not guilty; the ABJs aren't buying it.

In a sane world, this assault on intelligence would never have taken place. But if you are rich enough, you can buy your own TV show and display your unique lack of Vision to the world. Sadly, if you don't clean up your pet's defecation, flies feed on it.

I hope that Carol continues to stand up for broadcasting and journalistic honesty, and that Daniel wins his case to protect his good name.  I hope that we have a bully free holiday season, that the good are treated to peace and love, and the wicked get their lumps.


Skid Crease, Caledon

*Note: the paroled convicted felon once had an award, but he was asked to give it back. Canada wasn't buying it either.

Also noted, convicted, paroled felon Conrad Black interviewed Rob Ford, alleged felon who libelled Daniel Dale, Star reporter. Conrad was subsequently grilled by Carol Off for going soft on his questions to Ford, thereby putting the drug-using, gang hanging Mayor of Toronto in  a more positivve light than his really, really sorry scenario.

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