The Bear, The Dragon, and The Beaver

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First, there was the facade of Sochi and Olympic ideals. After the distraction of the medal count, the world looked elsewhere for news. Then the lens cleared and given the recent events in Crimea, the world refocused it's attention on Russia, and the global domination force that is Vladimir Putin.Vlad I know, I know, his photo ops would make even Stockwell Day blush, but it would not be the first time in the last hundred years that a megalomaniac has attempted to take over the world one country at a time. Given Putin's background in the KGB, his Russian Mafia connections, Russia's still potent nuclear arsenal, and his recent forays into the Ukraine, he is a phenomenon not to be underestimated. He can kill tigers or cuddle leopards whenever he chooses.

Barack Obama dismissed him as a "regional" player who could easily be punished by removing Russia from the Group of Eight. Putin responded by pointing out that his longest border is with China, a country of over a biliion people representing about 20% of the world's population. The Bear and The Dragon together would be an unstoppable tsunami of global domination if that were their wish. And they wouldn't check in with the G7 or NATO for permission.

Enter The Beaver, Stephen Harper, looking statesmanlike even while the Supreme Court of Canada was squashing another of his ill conceived appointments, as he announced Canada's condemnation of Putin's aggression. With what are you going to threaten Vlad? Our military? Potash? Wheat? Insults over the hockey Gold Medals? Arms sales? (Arms sales? O'Canada, the shame!) Or maybe you want to take him on mano y mano! Listen, Steve, if we put the two of you into a ring, you'd come out looking like week-old poutine that had been left out in the sun.

No Steven, The Beaver is safe behind organized photo ops in comfortable armchairs, but in the real world The Bear would maul you, The Dragon would flame broil you, and they would serve your carcass to their dogs. You are a straw man, and they know it.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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