Partisan Politics

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Does anyone know this man? (photo taken by neighbourhood security camera) The papers in his hands are third party advertising “report cards” on candidates in our municipal election.

Last week in Caledon, this man was reported to be handing out “report cards” on the two mayoral candidates. He claimed to be a non-partisan citizen volunteering for an “independent” third party. A homeowner noted that  the material being handed out was totally biased towards one mayoral candidate. The homeowner, concerned about the man’s aggressive behaviour, shared his concerns in a letter to me. The full text of that letter is printed below.

The report card on candidates that the “volunteer” was circulating appear to be the work of Third Party advertiser Kathleen Wilson and her Facebook page “A Better Caledon” which is promoting the mayoral bid of only one candidate, 

The homeowner recognized the bias and asked the volunteer to identify himself. The man said his name was “Mike” but no last name was given. If anyone can identify “Mike” from that security camera  photograph, please respond to this post.

Skid Crease, Caledon


Anonymous Concerned Citizen’s letter, as sent to me on October 19, 2022 The letter actually names names, but I have replaced the mayoral candidate’s name with an “X” until verification of the identity of the man in the photo is confirmed

“Last Friday I was at home and heard the doorbell ring and I proceeded to open the door. I figured this was a candidate lobbying me for his support for the upcoming municipal election. Being a person who supports our democratic process, I always listen to all candidates and allow them to elaborate on their platform.Instead, I was greeted by a very aggressive man that presented me with what he said was an unbiased third party report card* on the current council. I allowed him to speak and present his points, however the more he went on the more I realized he was actually campaigning for “X” and defaming other candidates. When he finished I let him know that it seemed that he was biased and I asked him if he was working with the ‘X” Campaign because of the way he was speaking so poorly of the other candidates? He was very adamant that he was not working with “X”and that was working with an independent 3rd party to share this report. I knew something was off with his story and when I asked for his name he responded, “Mike.“

The conversation went on for about 5 minutes and I asked this man 3 times if he was supporting any candidate and he always replied that he was not campaigning for any candidates and he wanted to share the truth. We eventually ended our conversation. He left.

I know well enough that these types of reports are supposed to be objective. However I found this report to be very subjective, leading readers to false assumptions by not telling the whole story.

I was puzzled by this interaction and it left me feeling very uncomfortable. I reached out to a family friend who has been a citizen of Caledon for years and I explained this usual interaction. As I started to describe the individual, my friend immediately said that this was “X’s” Husband. I sent a photo of the individual and he confirmed that it was indeed the ex-husband of “X”.

Why would this man lie about who he was? Why did he give me a different name? Why wouldn’t he just tell me that he was out campaigning for his ex-wife? At least I would have understood his motives for knocking on my door.

Is this “X’s” strategy? Having her ex-husband lying about who he is  to manipulate and misinform citizens. Is this not a contravention of the Election By-law when an individual misrepresents their candidate affiliation to the electoral public.

This incident has me questioning “X’s” motives and integrity. Elections should be about going door to door listening to the community and their issues while promoting your campaign platform. Instead “X” is  using misinformation and bashing the other candidates.

I’ve attached a photo of “Mike” going door to door and a photo of the ex-husband wearing a shirt promoting “X” and I’ll let you be the judge.

The citizens of Caledon have the right to know that “X” is not playing by the rules. I believe you are the means of getting this out to Caledon public.

I am available to answer any of your questions but I would like to remain anonymous if you don’t mind.

Kind regards,

Concerned Citizen


6 thoughts on “Partisan Politics

    • The Ontario government’s 2022 Third Party Advertisers Guide states:”Third party advertising is
      separate from any candidate’s campaign, and must be done independently from a candidate.
      Any advertisements or materials that are made and distributed by a candidate,
      or under a candidate’s direction, are part of the candidate’s campaign.

      The Anonymous Concerned Citizen who wrote the letter was concerned that the person in the security
      camera photo is a member of one of the Mayoral candidate’s campaign teams and is the candidate’s ex-husband.
      According to respondents to his letter and photo, that does seem to be the case. Identify the man in the photo, Ms. Wilson.
      He concealed his identity while distributing your literature. We won’t create a better Caledon through lies and intimidation.
      Your “report card facts” that the Metroland Group checked appear to be carefully selected data bites designed to paint
      a glowing picture of only one mayoral candidate. Guess Metroland wasn’t fact-checking for bias. No rules were broken?
      Our “concerned citizen disagrees.He seems to prefer full disclosure and honest, respectful communication.

    • Another reader wrote in with this comment:”This should be reported to It is 100% contravention of the third party advertisers Law.. A person working on a candidates campaign can not also assist a third party advertiser.. The fact that attempt to conceal identity shows know they were outside the lines.. So many lies intimidation and lack of integrity.”

  1. This tactic is not new. After the 2014 election at which she won her regional seat back after losing a mayoral bid in 2010, Mr. Groves was “by coincidence” at the same site collecting signs as canditate “Y” volunteer. Mr. Groves took the opportunity to harass “Y” volunteer along the line of “Y” being a loser.
    On another occasion I saw Mr. Groves working our street, handing out grossly manipulated and incomplete Town financial statements, attempting to spread the lie about fiscal mismanagement at the previous council. Even worse, these hand-outs were printed on Town letterhead! There we have it. Intimidation, misrepresentation of public information for a campaign, using public (Town’s) resources for a campaign, all in one, and all in contravention of law.

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