Stupid is as Stupid Does

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Thank  you, Forrest Gump!

The Prime Minister of Canada, his Foreign Minister and an ignorant and obscure backbencher, reading from the same script this week basically accused the NDP of being Nazi sympathizers: The NDP voted against sending troops to fight in the Second World War. Therefore, given that fact, the NDP are anti-Canadian and are Nazi sympathizers.  God bless Canada, and God bless our men and women in uniform, and may the NDP, who are now equal to us in the national polls, burn in hell.

The problem is – none of that is true. Yes, sadly Canada, our PM, our FM, and some obscure BB have no knowledge whatsoever of world history – failed the class!  Stupid is as stupid does, but I just never expected that level of stupidity to come out of the mouths of Stephen Harper, the Prime Sinister of his Canada,  John Baird, the smug half moon smiling Mike Harris leftover currently the pit bull of the CRAP of Canada, and Scott Armstrong, who from the distant seats of the backbenches must have been overjoyed at picking up the same extreme right-wing Republican consultant’s point sheet and just couldn’t contain himself from speaking out.  Peter MacKay, our Defense Minister, who is still recovering from his accounting error, said nothing on camera. But what if we had put an audio bug in the war room…

Here is a word for word, straight from my imagination, script of how the planning session would have gone.


H: I need a military patriotism angle – you know, all that heart soaring fist pumping stuff about our men and women in uniform – by the way, how much did we reduce the veteran’s benefits by?

Mc: A lot, Master.

H: A lot. You idiot! A lot is what that traitor Kevin found you hid from the public.

Mc: (whimper)

H: No, we need something really inflammatory to distract the public from all this Robocall, OAS, Fisheries Act, muzzled scientists, pipeline, fighter jet stuff – I’m thinking of extending the mission in Afghanistan and I need to get the public off the fighter jet news.

Mc : C’mon, it was only a $10 billion dollar accounting error! At least I didn’t stay at the Savoy!

H: Shut up – between your accounting errors and your helicopter rides, you are a backbencher in waiting. I don’t care if you betrayed your promise to David Orchard to never let the Progressive Conservative Party be contaminated by the Reform Alliance Party – you were paid your pieces of sliver and you are mine now!

B: I know what to do, Master. I will howl at the Opposition and they will tremble in fear and be silent.

H: No! You will maintain that same smug inane smile you have projected ever since we won a majority, and repeat whatever my office tells you to say, no matter how ridiculous.

B: Arrrghhh.

H: Wait, I’ve got it!

B: Arrgrhhhh.

H: We will accuse the NDP of being Nazi sympathizers and voting against sending Canadian troops to war in 1812.

Mc: Wait, Master, the NDP weren’t formed as a party until fifteen years after World War II ended. And only one person voted against sending troops to Europe in that war,  and he was a pacifist minister. And Canada didn’t exist until 1867, so the War of 1812 …

H: Shut up, you Benjamin Arnold … if I say it’s true, it’s true!  I’ll come up with it first in the House.  If I say it, the 40% of Canadians who voted for us will believe it’s true. I haven’t let climate change  science stop us and I certainly won’t let history stop us!  What do you say, John?

B: Arrghhhhh.

H: So, crybaby boy, now that you’ve sold out your old party and betrayed all your ethics for a cushy Minister’s job and pension, what do you think of my divisive plan?

Mc: Well actually, I though we were trying to unite the country….

H: You are such a freaking idiot.  We are trying to separate Alberta and BC from the rest of Canada! Have you not read my speeches over the last fifteen years.

Mc: But you look so sincere and gentle on television lately.

H: It’s all part of the spin. Canadians are stupid. If I project an image of calm leadership, they’ll believe it. Of course, it does takes my media team a long time to edit my digital footage to make me look good.  God I love special effects – we could sell ice to the Inuit – come to think of it, we’ll have to if it keeps warming up like this. Hmmm – not in the budget – OK we can take it out of the Attiwapiskat funds. How do like that idea, John?

B: Arrghhhhh.

H: Good dog!  Now, Peter, just sit down and shut up and look downtrodden when it comes to Question Period today, Remember, just like Tony did when they tried to grill him about the $50 million we slipped into his riding for the G20 – now that was really good work, John.

B: Arrghhhhh.

H: OK boys, off to distract the public once again and give the media something new to chase. Hey, who’s that back there?

Mc: That’s Scott, he’s a back…

H: Shut up, just give him a copy of our cheat sheet and we’re good to go.

Lights fade, music picks up, the drama begins.


Ah, art imitating life…

Skid Crease, Caledon

posted by William Gates-Crease