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Ten MOST Trusted Canadians


Ten LEAST Trusted Canadians

1. Michael J. Fox, actor

2. Peter Mansbridge, news anchor

3. David Suzuki, scientist

4. Wayne Gretzky, sports figure

5. Mike Holmes, radesman

6. Clara Hughes, olympic athlete

7. Michaelle Jean, former G-G

8. Shania Twain, singer

9. Margaret Atwood, author

10. David Johnson, current G-G

* G-G = Governor-General





1. Stephen Harper, politician, PM

2. Rob Ford, pollitician Mayor

3. Bob Rae, politician, MP

4. Don Cherry, sports commentator

5. Justin Trudeau, politician, MP







Well, Canada,  perfect timing for the annual Reader's Digest publication of their most trusted list.  This yearly coast to coast survey checks out everything from Most Trusted Professions to Most Trusted Institutions, and includes the above list of Most Trusted Canadians. You can check it all out on their website – just google Most Trusted in Canada 2012.

The timing was perfect because I really needed to see this list.  I had been going over my posts since my website opened on Earth Day 2012, and wondered if I had been a little too hard on some people. Maybe a guy who shakes hands with his children when he drops them off at school really does have a heart somewhere and I just can't see it.  What if it's my perspective that's skewed? Maybe I hug too much. Maybe I'm way off base thinking that environmental literacy, and social justice, and ecological economics are the base upon which a prosperous and just society are built.

Thank you, Reader's Digest.  Thank you, Canada. I will once again take up my lance and ride Rocinante into the sunset to tilt at the windmills of injustice. Together we will dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable stars.  The True North, strong and free!

Skid Crease, Caledon