Stephen Harper: The Emperor Has No Clothes

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Canada's PM Harper pauses while delivering a speech during a Conservative caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in OttawaLike the little child in the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes", we have seen Stephen Harper exposed and our innocence is lost. Any semblance of covering the Prime Minister in a cloak of accountability disappeared at Tuesday morning's news conference.  It was the most shallow, evasive, and deflective speech ever delivered – blaming a parliamentary scandal of massive proportions on the actions of some unamed members of his caucus who should "get out of the room."

He attempted to deflect his own responsibility in the Duffy/Wright/Senate expenses scandal by resurrecting the ghost of the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal (for which then PM Paul Martin accepted the full and undeserved shame). He blamed the lack of Senate reform on the NDP and the Liberals for voting against Conservative bills while faiing to mention that the Senate reform bill has languished for 15 months in the PMO to avoid parliamentary debate. And most shamefully, he announced to the world that he is "very upset" about this "distraction" that is preventing hard-working, tax paying Canadians from getting back to work in Canada's Economic Action Plan.

He claimed to have the most accountable government in the free world, with the most stringent rules for guiding ethical decisions for politicians. The problem is, he forgot to follow them. Your accountability, Mr. Prime Minister, is indeed very transparent, and your nakedness is your own doing.


Skid Crease, Caledon 

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