The Federal Party That Gets My Vote

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images-4There is supposed to be a federal election in Canada on October 19, 2015. Of course that is all dependent on oil prices, the Mike Duffy trial, and “wag the dog” terror alerts. On the other hand, by then enough members of federal parliament may have crossed the floor to the opposition parties to make an election unnecessary .

Whatever happens, the Party for whom I vote will champion the following policies: a carbon tax; elimination of subsidies to oil, gas, and coal industries; strong financial support for alternative energy research and development,; a polluter pay/precautionary principle applied to all industry; the return of the Long Form Census; and the creation of a Minister of Ecology who is on equal footing with the Minister of Economy, both of whom report to the Minister of the Environment who is second in rank only to the Prime Minister.

I will vote for the Party that balances social justice with economic development, that stops talking about hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Canadians, and starts talking about ALL Canadians.

I will vote for the Party that eliminates every Economic Action Plan ad and logo ever created, and invests an amount equal to all of the money wasted on those ads into a Commission for the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.

I will vote for a Party the resurrects, refines, and passes the Kelowna Accord. And National Child Care.

I will vote for the Party that truly honours our veterans, stops using our armed forces as backdrops for their election campaigns and starts doing something about their need for the best equipment when in harms way, and their need for medical care and support when they return home.

I will vote for the Party that recognzes the impact of accelerating climate change, renews it’s commitment to the original Kyoto Protocl, and leads the world in inspiration and action at the Paris Climate Summit.

I will vote for the Party that is strong on peace, strong on the values of a just society, and is defenders of those who have no voice in this world.

I will vote for the Party that disregards those with the most money and power, and does not cater to the ideologies of ethnic groups only to secure their votes.

I will vote for the Party that raises taxes on corporations and the wealthiest .1%, while closing all of their tax evasion loopholes at the same time.

I will vote for the Party that reforms the last two Omnibus Bills, restores environmental security for our watersheds, rivers, lakes, acquatic life, and brings back the independence of environmental reviews.

I will vote for the Party that blends Proportional Representation into the First Past the Post electoral process, while banning election campaign Robocalls.

If anyone finds a Party out there who can do all that, let me know. Hope springs eternal.


Skid Crease, Caledon

1 thought on “The Federal Party That Gets My Vote

  1. I am not surprised to see your wishlist for political parties in the next election to be very similar to mine. I have been pushing for everyone and anyone in Canada to talk about getting out to vote in the next election and any election for that matter because I believe firmly that the young voter; the Frist Nations/Iuit/Metic voter; veteran voter; elderly voter, and the disabled voters are going to make a difference in the next election. I have started a push on Facebook for politcal change regarding: the elimination of government subsidies to corporations, banning Genetically Modified Organisms in Canada; banning fracking in Canada; making the arctic an environmental sanctuary similar to what has been done with antarctica, and then your list of requirements to complete that list.

    Joanne and I are based out of Nanny Cay for our fourth season here on the Island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands: working at writing my first novel about the Canada’s north and the arctic; sailing when the weather is agreeable; walking, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, and working at projects on the boat. Painting the binnacle and anchor locker hatch cover; replacng fans that quit (we have six of them aboard); repairing porthole seals; repairing the front hatch cover hardware; cleaning the stainless of rust; cleaning the bottom of algae and barnacles when we are in shallow water and I am snorkeling; reparing woodwork within the cabin, and upgrading hardware/fixtures and equipment when necessary. It keeps me busy and I love doing it. If we’re not sailing we hang out at the pool or the beach every day while reading or listening to music. We watch documentaries or worthwhile TV series via Netflix in the evening because there is little/nothing else to do.

    Joanne and I hope you and yours are healthy and happy and we look forward to seeing you when we are back in the Toironto area. When we return to Cheticamp in May we will be baking for at least two markets a week (Baddeck and Mabou) so that will keep us busy along with the family and friends who come to visit.

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