From the Mouths of Babes

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I have made a good friend recently, Jennifer Innis, who is involved in local politics in Caledon. We met last week over a coffee where she wanted to catch up on my health comeback, One story led to another, and then came this one that I just have to share with you (with permission).

From the mouths of babes: Jenn came home a few weeks ago, exhausted and sick. She wanted to have her snuggle time the her children and was ready to go to sleep herself, when her her young daughter Lyra asked, “Mommy, can a boy marry another boy?”

Being too tired and sick to go into a detailed adult explanation, Jenn answered, “Yes.”

After a moments silence, Lyra then asked, ” Then, Mommy, can a girl marry another girl?”

Again, the sick and tired Mommy answered, “Yes.”

There was a long quiet, and then young and innocent Lyra said, “Then it’s all about love, isn’t it Mommy?”

And the sick and tired Mommy didn’t feel quite so sick and tired any more. “Yes,” she answered once again, “It’s all about love.”

From the mouths of babes ….

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