Caledon Enterprise: worth repeating

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In the Thursday May 24, 2018 issue of the Caledon Enterprise, columnist and globally respected journalist Hap Parnaby penned a commentary that reminded me of Churchill’s warnings to Chamberlain and England. Hap’s historical observations are closer to home here in Ontario, and the coming storm may not have global consequences, but the chaos in our backyards could be locally catastrophic.

The article is titled: “Countdown to the June 7 provincial election” and begins with the excerpt “There is nothing in the resume of Douglas Robert Ford that suggests he has the makings of an Ontario premier.” I urge you all to read it, and read it again before you head to the polls on June 7. We have been watching the comi-tragedy reality show south of our borders playing out for the past year, and I hope that we don’t get the Canadian made spin-off in Ontario.

Twitter contributor Picard@Picard_M_Maker summed it up this way yesterday: “Doug Ford is like the cruelty of Mike Harris, the sleaziness of Patrick Brown, the incompetence of Tom Hudak, the corruption of Stephen Harper, and the bigotry and populism of Donald Trump.” All rolled into one. Now, we may not agree with all of  Picard’s choices, but if all of those perspectives are accurate that would make Mr. Ford a very scary package.

I generally voted Progressive Conservative provincially and Liberal federally That changed provincially in the ‘90s when Mike Harris’s Common Stench Revolution flooded Ontario like an overflowing sewer. That stench lingers to this day. If you scratch and sniff Doug Ford’s lack of written policy papers, you’ll very quickly  get that acrid scent of pig manure being spread on the Ontario landscape, But if our province has gone “nose blind”, we’re going to need a really big can of Febreze. The way I see it.


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  1. You are so right in your evaluations. Until Ontario elected Mikael Harris, I did not think bad selection would happen here. But it did. Surely, not again.

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