Skid’s Caledon Dream Team 2018 to 2022

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 Tomorrow is municipal election day in Ontario and in the Town of Caledon. Advance polls are all done, and Sunday should be a day of rest and reflection as Caledon citizens of voting age ponder the impact of their choices Monday on the next four years of their lives.

We should also be tuned in to what is happening in Brampton and Mississauga given the rough ride that politicians in those two cities gave to the Town of Caledon last year.

I had the opportunity over the past year to sit at the media desk at Caledon Town Council and observe and record the words and behaviours of politicians and public delegations. Based on that experience, interviews with candidates, and research into the full slate of possible future captains of our ship, I have come to conclude that we have a chance to elect either a Dream Team or a Scream Team for Town of Caledon Council.

Since I only want to acknowledge the positive, eliminate the negative and leave out those in between, here are my choices for a positive, respectful Council. In some cases, the choice was simple. In others, with several strong new candidates running in some of the wards, the selection is much more difficult. Picking the best of some really good draft choices is a lot tougher than when there is only one Gretzky standing on the ice.

So, here is, my Town of Caledon Dream Team 2018:

Mayor: Allan Thompson

Ward One Area: Lynn Kiernan or Mauro Testani

Ward One Regional: Jim Wallace

Ward Two Area: Sandeep Singh, Chris Gilmer, or Christina Early

Ward Two Regional: Johanna Downey

Ward Three/Four Area: Nick DeBoer

Ward Three/Four Regional: Jennifer Innis

Ward Five Area: Steve Conforti or Joe Luschak

Ward Five Regional: Angela Panacci

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 – if we don’t vote, we surrender our voice and the purple wool pulled over our eyes will be testament to our apathy and gullibility. Either way on Tuesday Morning, Caledon citizens will have exactly the Council we deserve. Hope it’s not a nightmare.

The way I see it.

1 thought on “Skid’s Caledon Dream Team 2018 to 2022

  1. Thanks Skid,

    We voted on last Friday for Thompson, Kiernan, and Wallace.

    Wonderful columns. Keep up the great work.

    Duncan McCallum

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