The Day After the Night Before

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Caledon appears to be safe for another four years! And considering that six (nearly seven) out of nine picks on my Dream Team were elected – a pretty reasonable prediction – I would say that my research was of a passing standard. Plus, most of those on my Scream Team list were defeated.

We returned our sitting Mayor and three solid incumbents, several bright new lights, and an old wisdom. If the paddlers can take Canoe Caledon in the same direction we may just make it to our destination. We have rid ourselves of one of the most divisive and disrespectful politicians who I have ever witnessed, and that alone should improve the atmosphere on Council. And we have a new Mayor in Brampton who may be more respectful of our place in Peel Region.

My work here is done and I am returning to do what I love best, environmental literacy and storytelling. There are so many sacred spaces and species in this world that need protecting and illuminating, and there are so many of their stories to tell. We have issues to resolve from reconciliation for residential school survivors to the consequences of half a degree more of warming on Turtle Island, and we’re complaining of traffic calming in our downtown core. Really?

Our backyard is safe; now it is time to get back to looking after our Home Planet.

The way I see it.


Skid Crease, storyteller

p.s. I’ll be watching …

1 thought on “The Day After the Night Before

  1. Awfully sorry to see you go,Skid. You have add a signicant contribution to Caledon. Thank you for your wisdom and exceptional writing. Did I mention your courage ?

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