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I don’t want to gloat, but remember that the American 2020 election was first called here at 5:00 a.m. on November 7. 2020.  I did send it to my Editor, but she was waiting for “official” verification. DARN – missed the scoop!

I will go one further and predict that the final Electoral College tally will show that Joseph Biden took a commanding 306 votes, well over the 270 required to attain the Presidency, while DJT garnered a losing 232, well short.

Granted, the popular vote was split, with Biden holding the majority by a meagre 4%. Enough to verify my prediction, and enough to indicate that the United States of America is anything but united. The best part of today was hearing President Obama chastize Republicans for their assault on voting integrity in America, He was shooting three pointers from half court while they were dribbling and drooling, unmasked, on the sidelines.

Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Lindsay Graham et al will go down in the anus of history as both dangerously stupid and #COVIDIOTS. While Trump golfs, coronavirus cases soar. Now that the election has been verified as legitimate in every way, don’t we all feel just rather silly for encouraging the Mango Mussolini to spew and contaminate democracy and public health with every TwitterTrashTirade? He Who Cannot be Named, use your final days in office to either lead or get out of the way.

You’re fired, Donald, and the next very dark chapter of your life is about to begin.

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