The Populist Pandemic

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It is not by chance that the three provinces led by populist premiers have the highest COVID-19 case counts in Canada. Kenney’s UCP Alberta, Ford’s PC Ontario, and Legault’s PQ Quebec are all competing for top spot as Canada’s most COVIDIOT province.

In contrast, Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Premier Brian Pallister made a passionate plea yesterday for citizens to smarten up, wear masks and strictly follow the other recommended health guidelines so they could live to enjoy Christmas next year.

At a news conference Thursday, December 3, 2020, the Premier minced no words in challenging Manitobans to change their Christmas and holiday celebrations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “If you don’t think COVID is real, right now, you are an idiot …. I’m the guy who’s stealing Christmas to keep you safe because you need to do this now,” he said. “My plea to Manitobans – please stay safe, protect each other, love one another. But now is not the time to get together.”

Pallister said he hoped Manitobans would respect him in the coming years for “having the guts” to tell them to do the right thing even if they aren’t happy with him now. The premier said Manitobans can celebrate together next year, but for the time being, “the right thing to do is to protect each other and stay safe by social distancing, wearing masks, and socializing only with people in your household.”

Thank you Brian Pallister, for reminding us what leadership looks like in a time of crisis. You may not be the most popular Premier in Manitoba’s history, but as my Mother used to say, “I’m not running a popularity contest. Take your Buckley’s – tastes awful, but it works.”

The way I see it.


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