Pipelines, Profits and Bad Fantino Karma

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TransCanadaWell, well, the truth will out. It is no wonder that "Our Government"™ wants to gut CBC – if it were not for some of their excellent investigative reporting, we would still be in the dark about the nefarious schemes afoot in the governance of our country. The latest northern exposure comes from the revelations that "Our Government"™ and the National Energy Board buried a damning report on Trans-Canada and their pipeline safety transgressions. Shame. That wouldn't have had anything to do with the "no-brainer" over approving Keystone, would it?

No, how foolish of me. We know "Our Government"™ always has the best interests of hard-working, tax-paying Canadians at the forefront. It would be almost treasonous to suggest that they are really working for the corporate profits of big business and the upper 10% of Canadian society. Why, that kind of thinking could end you up on the CSIS watch list. Like Justin Bieber.

JulianForget Julian Fantino, who does not like finger pointing, and his shaftng of our Veterans; forget Pierre Poilievre and the hypocrisy of the "Fair Elections Act" which will crack down on the election fraud violations "Our Government"™ created; forget the Omnibus Bills that decimated environmental reviews; forget the millions of dollars spent on false advertising for a "Canada's Action Plan"™ job creation program that didn't exist; forget the $90,000 Senate expenses cheque and a PMO that does not have a clue (wink) about what is going on in the top office of Canada's government. 

No, we do indeed get the government we deserve, and the generations of accounting, both social and environmental, that go with their decisions. Me, I'm going to be lining up with the Veterans in Julian Fantino's riding in 2015. This one's for you, Dad.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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