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There can be many confusing choices to make when renovating or decorating your home. You can choose the do-it-yourself approach, which in the case of my talented artistic wife, works quite well. Or you can hire a professional to assist you or even direct the project.  But be careful. Since the Renaissance, the line has blurred between amateurs and professionals in this field.

At the top of the scale for major work, is the Interior Architect. Now, to call yourself an Interior Architect, you have to have a degree in Architecture – no ifs ands or buts. It is a highly regulated profession where structural design, electrical  and lighting systems, and plumbing infrastructure are involved.

The next on the list would be the Interior Decorator and Designer, a skilled professional certified and degreed to improve the aesthetics in your home, but NOT an Architect.

At the bottom of the list, but not to deny their innate skill in finger painting, are the HTDs, as the trained, certified professionals call them. No not a sexually transmitted disease, but rather the dreaded Housewives Turned Decorators. No formal studies or training, but a couple of well-placed jobs decorating friends’ homes and you have a business. Now, the real “Lace Curtain” decorators, designers and architects can spot a “Shanty” HTD a mile away, but the average customer may get fooled.

So if you have a major project on the go, check for the certificates and accreditation and do a thorough background check. A flashy website can make even a Pig in a Poke look good.


By the way, the three top recommended Interior Decorators and Designers in Caledon are Chabot Interiors, Sontacchi Design, and Dream Home Designs


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