Caledon’s Crystal Clear Wisdom

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There is a fellow citizen in Caledon who offered me wonderful words of wisdom today. Crystal Larouche wrote in an email that we should all try to be nicer. Beautiful.

Unfortunately, I am an only child, alpha male, and if anything threatens my pack, I go on instant defense mode. So was the case when I was sent Crystal’s Facebook blog about members of Town Council who I deeply respect. Sorry Crystal, when you attack mine, I respond.

Before she reminded us all to play nice, this is what Crystal wrote: that the Mayor and his cronies were all rich landowners. First, Crystal is partially correct here. The Mayor, as a result of approved land sales , made a mint. And the false charges brought against the  Mayor by Darnley and Bristol were not “dropped” as you wrote – he was found innocent of any wrongdoing and the complainants were charged $90,000 in court costs

The Mayor is legitimately a wealthy landowner, as are many political candidates in rurban and urban settings. With no children to take on the family farm, owners have no choice but to sell to developers.

Dear Crystal, Jennifer Innis is NOT a rich landowner, Johanna Downey is NOT a rich landowner. Their parents, or in-laws as in Ms. Downey’s case, may become rich landowners if they sell to urban development but what’s it to ya”? Not your land, not your problem. For a farming family to give up their historical title to a rapacious developer is not an easy thing. It cuts to the soul. But when the children move on and out, and no one is left to take care of the farm, what next?

In the meantime, in their roles as democratically elected politicians, do they each do a respectful and intelligent job representing their constituents? Absolutely yes! And we all have to remember that Bolton is NOT the Town of Caledon, or the belly button of the world.

Next, Crystal, sweet nice Crystal, wrote that those same members of Town Council treat their citizens “like shit”. .. her words, not mine. Really?! And you had the audacity to call me a bully? Dear sweet Crystal, saying that the democratically elected members of your Town Council are treating you “like shit” is hardly a “nicer” comment.

In summary, the Mayor was cleared of all false charges and awarded court costs. Any innuendo that he was guilty of anything is smear. The complainants were charged for court costs and who paid for that is still a mystery. The Regional Councillors you attacked are people who care, NOT like those funded by litigious developers. We’re not left with much here Crystal.

Yes, we should all try to be nicer.




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