Evisceration 101

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Thank you Joe Biden! As CNN reported recently, the former Vice-President and Presidential hopeful was going to use his Iowa rally to “eviscerate” President Trump. Well it’s out there now. “Eviscerate” is once again a legitimate term to use when exposing politicians who are deceitful, disrespectful, and dumbing us down. As a transitive verb, it can mean, among other things: to deprive of vital content or force … as in depriving lying politicians and their alternative truth junkies of a stage or social media platform.

It was only one municipal election ago that  a group of critics I referred to as the “Caledon Coven” tried to throw an exorcism of the free press by attacking me for my declaration that I would eviscerate, in print and online, anyone who tried to spread lies and smears about credible candidates running in the 2018 municipal election. At Municipal Council they tried to get the Town to ban advertising in an online communication for which I write, simply because I was one of their journalists. Fortunately, most of the leaders of the coup have, if I may use the word discretely, been eviscerated from local politics, although some of their acolytes still flourish on antisocial media.

That attempt to muzzle valid investigative journalism failed thanks to cooler heads on Caledon Town Council who did not fall prey to the grandstanding rhetoric of a rabid few. And thanks to the courage of editors with integrity, the articles and stories were published, and the electorate pulled most of the purple wool off their eyes.

Most, but not all. One exposed former politician is now out of municipal politics for at least four years for failure to file financial records on time, and probably also out of luck for provincial and federal ambitions. But now I have another elected representative of the people refusing to answer my questions because of my bias towards reporting the truth.

I call it my Jim Acosta moment. Jim and I both got our Press passes back.

One down, at least one more evisceration to go.

The way I see it.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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