The Good News

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We all woke up this morning to the good news that the outgoing president of the Disunited States of America has finally allowed the formal transition to begin for a legitimate President named Joseph R. Biden along with his Vice-President, Kamala J. Harris. Took long enough but, as Leonard Cohen sings, “Democracy is coming to the USA!”

And while there is still bad news out there about the millions of COVIDIOT carrion flies travelling across country to feast on turkey carrion for this Unthanksgiving long weekend, there is good news in many neighbourhoods.

As wiser elders have often said, “We cannot appreciate the warmth of the light until we have emerged from the cold darkness,” So it is with the good news.

The good news in our lockdown neighbourhood is that we have mostly wonderful neighbours. Granted, we also have a challenged family with their attack dogs and multiple idling cars, and neglected property, but in perspective it means nothing, We have in abundance good neighbours with happy pets, respectful conversations, shared stories, and loving helpful children.

After a recent  hospital visit, I found multiple containers of the most delicious meals imaginable on my front porch.  The note said: “In my culture, the respected Elder is to be treated like a King,”

I love my neighbourhood. That’s the good news!


Skid Crease, Caledon

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