An American Thanksgiving, 2020

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 Ah, American Thanksgiving. Truly one of the greatest myths of all time. How does a fanatical religious cult of Plymouth Pilgrims show their thanks to the Wampanoag Native Americans who shared an autumn harvest feast with them and saved them from sickness and starvation that first fateful winter? Why, they spend the next 400 years stealing their lands from coast to coast to coast, and committing cultural genocide. In your God We Trust? Thanks, but no thanks.

But the myth is so strong, that even with cases surging, hospitals overwhelmed, and over 250,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus pandemic, family members, partners and friends will ignore all of the Federal CDC and local State health guidelines telling them to stay home and not to travel. They will joyfully jump into their cars, and head off to a big fat family Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone they contacted along the way will get to share in the feast. Herd stupidity ensures that super-spreader events, like Thanksgiving, will flourish.

This year, the Thanksgiving Break goes from Thursday, November 26, through the Black Friday holiday, and into the weekend. At least four days to share aerosols and droplets with all you love, and all those you meet along the way. As Tevye sings in Fiddler on the Roof, “Tradition!” And this particular Thanksgiving is a tradition to die for.

This Thanksgiving 2020, a microscopic virus will be giving thanks for all of the covidiots. In November of 2021, the survivors will celebrate the 400th Anniversary of that first mythical Thanksgiving feast. Miigwech.

The way I see it.


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