Caledon Poetry

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Political Limericks .. all in fun-filled jest:

There once was a “leader” named Doug

Who tried to give babies a hug.

But when he went to kiss ’em

With loud wails they did diss him

Their onesies said, “Beware of Doug!”



There once was a journalist Skid

Public figures he just loved to kid

They could sure dish the crap out

But Facebooked a holy pout

Whenever they got it back from Skid.



There once was a coven of witches

Who made everyone shake in their britches

But when held up to the light

They were hardly a fright

Just a coven of impotent witches.




With sincere apologies to Edward Lear.  


But to everyone else, as Nellli McLung famously said:

“Never retract, never explain, never apologize.

Get the thing done and let them howl.”


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