The Miseducation of Conservatives

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It was revealed today that 70% of Republicans think that Joseph R. Biden won the US Presidency because of voter fraud. This follows the statement from Chris Krebs, the DHS head of cyber security and election integrity in the US, that the 2020 vote was “the most secure in the history of American elections.” His statement contradicted the President’s “alternative truth” and Donald pulled a “You’re fired!” on Chris the next day.

When Fox News agreed with Chris, frustrated facist Republicans turned to the farther to the right One America News (OAN) and Newsmax Media. Now the former President, failed real estate scammer, and apoplectic Apprentice wants to start his own Trump TV to continue the dumbing down of his acolytes. Howard Stern immediately predicted it would be about as successful as a Trump Casino.

All of this might lead one to conclude that 70% of Republicans are really, really stupid. But consider the source of their education. And consider that it is not just Republicans in the US being fed a curriculum of fudged facts. Just look at the Conservative media messaging in Canada for a more polite but equally frightening perspective.

Doug Ford stands stiffly for his daily “press briefing” and proclaims he has been fully transparent about his coronavirus campaign while failing to reveal the data and detailed reports from his newly appointed “expert panel” whose sole purpose is to Keep Ontario Open. Previously he wouldn’t reveal the input from his “stakeholder groups” of “concerned parents” and businesses. No Doug, that is NOT being transparent. That is exactly the opposite of being transparent.

It’s like Stephen Lecce declaring that his “plan” for the upcoming school holidays was to have an extended holiday. Really Stephen? That is NOT a plan. Not a bad idea though, to allow those holiday reveling families to have two weeks of quarantine after New Years celebrations. Get tested mid-January and then come back to the crowded classrooms.

However, when floated out to the public, as populous governments will often do, this idea received negative feedback from parents who could not bear the thought of having to parent their own children into the middle of January.  The non-plan was cancelled. For now.

The unfortunate thing is that many Ontarians actually believe that Premier Ford was being “transparent” and that Minister Lecce had a “plan” just as 70% of Republicans believe that the US Presidential 2020 election was stolen by millions of dead immigrant children who cast illegal mail-in ballots and hacked voting machines.

The way I see it.


Skid Crease, Caledon

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