The “Science” of Pipelines

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After a summer of traveling north of Superior and visiting my eldest son in South Korea, I returned home to Canada to find that, in the face of increasing opposition, Prime Sinister Stephen Harper had quietly proclaimed that "science" would determine the fate of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

No politics pipeline

I wondered for a moment if I had missed a convergence of heavenly bodies and the dawning of a new age. Alas, it turned out to be merely more political greenwash on a done deal. You see, the only science that Mr. Harper has applied to any environmental issue has been the "science" of economics.From the early days when he first took office and shut down the One Tonne Challenge and the Environment Canada website so it could be rewritten in his image, to the current lobbying he is doing on behalf of the oil and gas industry, Stephen has consistently ignored any science other than economics. Continue reading