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The Pointless … on the hunt for truthiness

All Bias. All Influence. Just the stuff we make up. For Stories That Matter to Caledon



by Sam Cruel

This second edition pays homage to the other great media giants who helped to inspire reporting in The Pointless. The groundbreaking work by American media  like The National Enquirer, The Globe, The National Examiner, and local Canadian heroes like The Toronto Sun, The Pointer, and Rebel Media created exactly the kind of gullible, brain numb audience we need for our blatantly partisan reporting.

Of course this list would not be complete without mentioning our local rurban role model, the short-lived Caledon Perspectives. If you were living in Caledon during the tenure of Mayor Marolyn Morrison you will remember that this tiny tabloid was published during a controversial fight over a small chunk of undeveloped land in south Bolton. The Town wanted to develop it one way, but the speculator who owned it had different plans. When the Town didn’t do what he wanted, he created his own partisan “community newspaper” to promote his agenda. Overnight, newspaper boxes sprang up all over Bolton and other parts of Caledon.

To ensure that only his perspective would be foisted on the unsuspecting Town, he made one of his development company’s marketing staff the “Editor” and ace reporter. To further beguile the Town he lured a legitimate reporter away from one of the other local newspapers. This brilliant strategy allowed the Perspectives team to attack the Mayor and the Town while supporting a candidate of their choice.

Sadly, after losing lawsuit after lawsuit, and when his candidate failed in her mayoral bid, the Perspectives pulled up stakes in Caledon and was last seen trying the same clever strategy in Niagara region. Fortunately some of the same reporters and pseudo journalists who were so inspired by The Perspectives approach are still here in Peel Region supporting the same political candidate.

And so, with credit to the rapping wordsmith Eminem, the first annual winner of our “Same Shit Different Toilet” Award is Brampton’s The Pointer for expanding their territory to include smearing candidates from Caledon. After all, when your own toilet is clogged, it’s good to have an outhouse in the country.


The Pointless is a new muckraking version of the news bringing Caledon the best of conspiracy theories, QAnon myths, coffee shop gossip, and opinions founded in misinformation. We take great pride in fact checking nothing that comes across our editorial desk. We also exclusively support positive opinions about people and politicians of whom our publisher approves. Don’t worry, dear gullible reader, if we can’t find a source for the story we need, we just make it up!

The Pointless … on the hunt for truthiness.