Political Irony, Part 2

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Indulge me, dear readers, with one more example of political irony. This one comes from south of the border, where, in a country replete with examples of politicians who hug the flag, hold the bible, kiss the babies, and lie through their smiles, the timing alone of this award winning entry in the middle of a global pandemic is truly outstanding.

Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin Texas, posted a Facebook video message on Nov. 9, telling his residents to “stay home” with only immediate family members to avoid spreading COVID-19 in their communities. The video was filmed while he was in Mexico on vacation with eight people, including immediate and extended family,

Mr. Adler has at least apologized, whereas our Caledon hypocrites, Regional Councillor Annette Groves for her betrayal of Caledon at Peel Region, and Conservative MP Kyle Seeback for the destruction of the WE Charity have both yet to apologize.

In my humble opinion, all fine examples of political irony in action.

Although vaccines for COVID-19 may be soon available in North America, there is as yet no vaccine for stupidity. I am referring to the stupidity that occurs when we know exactly what these politicians have done, and yet we let their smiling spin marketing fool us again and again. By the time the next federal or provincial or municipal election comes around, they will find some shiny new object with which to distract us.

The price of a just freedom and intelligent democracy is lifelong learning and eternal vigilance. The way I see it.


Skid Crease, Caledon

* image from patch.com